Add some Italian flavor to your xmas this year

Christmas here in the states for many of my friends has always been about a roasted turkey or a ham. It’s pretty much a Thanksgiving repeat, except the the house smells like cinnamon, and pine and the mood is more festive and enjoyable.

We wanted to give you some dish ideas if you wanted to veer off the American traditional route and sauce up your Christmas spirit with some traditional Italian dishes. It;s not oven baked turkey or ham, but the robust flavors of Italian Christmas meals will surely have you second guessing how next t=years meal prep will go.

So lets get into it!


1) EMILIA ROMAGNA. Tortellini in Brodo (Tortellini In Broth) *especially for those cold nights


I remember grandma making this for me during the winter in Jersey so many nights as a kid, this has to be my favorite holiday dish.


2) LAZIO. Abbacchio Al Forno Con Patate (Roasted Lamb and Potatoes)


This one here is a family favorite. We all loved this dish so much, I remember this one Christmas we visited family in Italy and, the love and food that year were phenomenal. I had my first shot at this dish that year, and we brought this recipe back to the states and kept it going for so many years, it always reminds me of Italy!

3) Home made pasta with meat sauce (Traditional, typical, but timeless)


I know what you’re thinking, what sort of parlor trick blog tip is this, right? Well, here’s the thing. Christmas is about what you make versus following rigid old beliefs or traditions you have no emotional connection to. These traditional dishes and many more have a special place in my heart and I’m hoping this holiday season they do for what they’ve done for me growing up as a kid and still to this day.

God bless. Merry Christmas Feliz Navidad Happy New Year

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Vegan Pasta

When you’re buying pasta in stores, I prescribe you get used to looking at the ingredients list. Most consistent vegan-4-mangiasemolina white pasta and entire wheat pasta is vegan. When in doubt, egg noodles are never going to be vegan, unless you can discover one that is an “artificial egg noodle” pasta.
I just purchase pasta made with a few ingredients- – the greater part of the truly shabby stuff has a wide range of added substances that simply are not in the slightest degree solid for you, vegan or not. If you do get them, keep an eye out for whey and egg whites as concealed non-vegan ingredients in pasta. Another regular non-vegan fixing in pasta is margarine. A few producers add it to give the delicate pasta quality, however, numerous utilization canola or olive oil.

If you’re requesting pasta in eateries, the best decide is to recollect that boxed pasta is normally vegan and custom made pasta is typically made with eggs. I jump at the chance to get some information about natively constructed pasta, and most servers will know about normal nourishment hypersensitivities like eggs, so it’s a simple thing for them to reply. If the server doesn’t have a clue, they quite often offer to ask the culinary expert, or you could request that they pleasantly discover the ingredients.

Obviously, eggs are a bit much for pasta formulas as I’ve made my own particular natively constructed pasta without a particle of an animal product.

I for one cherish vegan pasta that is made totally from entire grains. Buckwheat noodles, or soba noodles, are anything but difficult to discover in grocery stores and Asian markets and additionally in mass online at better costs. In most grocery stores you can discover more than simply entire wheat, for example, entire grain vegan pasta produced using quinoa, millet, rice, corn, and rye grains.

Is Vegan pasta food delicious?

There are plenty of vegan dishes all over the world, and people don’t even realize it is vegan food. Vegan meals are nutritious and healthy, but difficult to maintain. In the end, the taste will depend on the folks eating it.

Veganism – Is it safe?
A fantastic, as well as balance vegan pasta diet can do outstanding assistance to your overall health. Of course having non-balanced vegan meals are also not good; therefore the secret is trying to keep it balanced. This vegan pasta diet will help you live healthier and reduce several weights. Having raw foods is one of the good plans how to lose weight and is particularly very hard to follow. Vegan pasta diet can also help reduce of allergies, and therefore will increase your life. It also helps prevent muscular degeneration and even prevents osteoporosis. We could avoid obesity and even provide, due to the nutritious diet pack.

Vegan pasta diet is hard to keep up particularly if most of your family members are not applying this. Having a healthy and balanced life is what the people want this day. The different term of vegan meals is healthy food. Vegan diet also provides our body and mind trim and getting a healthy heart.

Send us an email for a free ebook of some amazing Italian dishes. We really started to get our love for Vegan pasta from our close friends who own a plumbing business click here and reach out to them for their special vegan pasta recipes.…

Origin of Pasta

Brief On Origin of Pasta And Pasta Recipes

Although there are claims that the Chinese were the first to discover pasta, it is not so. True pasta is made ofpasta durum wheat semolina, and this is characteristic for its yellowish tinge. The Chinese were known for their noodles as far back as 2000 BC, and this is authenticated by the discovery of a bowl of very well-preserved noodles made of millet believed to be over 4000 years.

Sicilians adopted and developed the recipe for pasta making from the early Arab recipes making it the nation’s traditional food. It was much later than this date that the Chinese came to know of the wheat known as durum.

The high glutinous content of durum wheat flour is the reason that helps to make the dough pliable to make different shapes for the different varieties of pasta found today.

Furthermore, it is only with durum wheat that you can perfect the traditional Italian al dente consistency. This means it should not be cooked too soft and must be firm to the bite. However pasta is made outside Italy with wheat flour, but rarely turns out El dense and results in a softer texture.

Rules for pasta making are strictly set by the government in Italy. This has made Italians to be the best makers of pasta, and they have also adopted it as their time-honoured food. Popularised everywhere, the world over, pasta can now be found in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Many recipes and types of pasta have evolved with the pasta gaining popularity over time.

With popularity spreading all over the world, numerous pasta recipes have taken on the flavors of the respective countries and their cultures.

A warm dish of pasta is a welcome meal on a day with a drop in temperature. There are even cold dishes for hot summer days with many different recipes to choose from that will no doubt titillate the taste buds. Many recipes can be found on going through the website of Recipepasta.Com with a guarantee you won’t come away disappointed. These are sure to meet the standards of hard to please tastes of food connoisseurs.…

Italian Pizza Vs. American Pizza

One can consider that establishing your ideal pizza with Italian Pizza Ovens is a serious task to accomplish if you desire to share and consume something of immense flavor. But what exactly is it that makes a pizza an acknowledged work of artistry? What are its essential elements? Perhaps it is the quality of the dough–choosing between a deep dish or thin crust. Is it more enjoyable to bite into a thin crisp or sink your teeth into its thickness? That is just one concern. The balance of herbs and spices inside the distinct, red sauce presents the first impression in your mouth. Do we want to concoct something of high intensity that it will bite us back?

What about the blanket of cheese to generously sprinkle over? There are more than 900 types of cheeses in this world, but what makes the perfect one please the taste buds? No one ever set a rule that we must pick one, though–mixing it up is always adventurous–sometimes even brave. In the end, after it comes out of the oven, it is all about how much it glistens.

The toppings you can throw onto the pizza become endless. At this point, it is not just about the taste anymore, but also the presentation–the first impression on your eyes. The more colorful–Usually, the more appetizing. We must consider what the most appetizing veggies are before fearlessly laying them out along with complimentary meats such as when crisp greens balance out the spice in pepperoni. You may want to think twice about adding onions and how much of it–just a generous tip.

It all comes down to the suspenseful first bite. After crafting your edible artworks and allowing them to bake in their Italian Pizza Ovens, it can only please or displease.

American Pizza
This is the first question that many places ask when you place a pizza order IF you live anywhere other than Chicago or New York. In those two places, it’s sacrilege even to ask. Any good native of Chicago will tell you that there is nothing better than a good deep-dish pie loaded up with toppings. The crust should be crispy on the bottom but just a little gooey toward the top, blending with the sauce and cheese to create that melt-in-your-mouth flavor that only a good deep-dish pie can give you. New Yorkers, on the other hand, will swear with their last breaths that thick-crust pizza is just flat-out the wrong way to do it. Thin and crispy, they chant, with just a bit of burn to the crust. Make it crispy enough to hold all of the toppings, but if the sauce was made using grandma’s recipe and the cheese is the best you can get, then who needs toppings?

Square or Round?
This one is tough because even those mighty Italians in New York have their thick-crusted Sicilian pizzas but rarely will you find it loaded up with toppings. The purpose of a Sicilian pizza is to satisfy bread-lovers. However, a square pizza anywhere else is just a cheap imitation according to them. In Chicago, you can get a square pie, but it’s usually just a square version of the same deep-dish that you get in the round.

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