Add some Italian flavor to your xmas this year

Christmas here in the states for many of my friends has always been about a roasted turkey or a ham. It’s pretty much a Thanksgiving repeat, except the the house smells like cinnamon, and pine and the mood is more festive and enjoyable.

We wanted to give you some dish ideas if you wanted to veer off the American traditional route and sauce up your Christmas spirit with some traditional Italian dishes. It;s not oven baked turkey or ham, but the robust flavors of Italian Christmas meals will surely have you second guessing how next t=years meal prep will go.

So lets get into it!


1) EMILIA ROMAGNA. Tortellini in Brodo (Tortellini In Broth) *especially for those cold nights


I remember grandma making this for me during the winter in Jersey so many nights as a kid, this has to be my favorite holiday dish.


2) LAZIO. Abbacchio Al Forno Con Patate (Roasted Lamb and Potatoes)


This one here is a family favorite. We all loved this dish so much, I remember this one Christmas we visited family in Italy and, the love and food that year were phenomenal. I had my first shot at this dish that year, and we brought this recipe back to the states and kept it going for so many years, it always reminds me of Italy!

3) Home made pasta with meat sauce (Traditional, typical, but timeless)


I know what you’re thinking, what sort of parlor trick blog tip is this, right? Well, here’s the thing. Christmas is about what you make versus following rigid old beliefs or traditions you have no emotional connection to. These traditional dishes and many more have a special place in my heart and I’m hoping this holiday season they do for what they’ve done for me growing up as a kid and still to this day.

God bless. Merry Christmas Feliz Navidad Happy New Year

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