Italian Pizza Vs. American Pizza

One can consider that establishing your ideal pizza with Italian Pizza Ovens is a serious task to accomplish if you desire to share and consume something of immense flavor. But what exactly is it that makes a pizza an acknowledged work of artistry? What are its essential elements? Perhaps it is the quality of the dough–choosing between a deep dish or thin crust. Is it more enjoyable to bite into a thin crisp or sink your teeth into its thickness? That is just one concern. The balance of herbs and spices inside the distinct, red sauce presents the first impression in your mouth. Do we want to concoct something of high intensity that it will bite us back?

What about the blanket of cheese to generously sprinkle over? There are more than 900 types of cheeses in this world, but what makes the perfect one please the taste buds? No one ever set a rule that we must pick one, though–mixing it up is always adventurous–sometimes even brave. In the end, after it comes out of the oven, it is all about how much it glistens.

The toppings you can throw onto the pizza become endless. At this point, it is not just about the taste anymore, but also the presentation–the first impression on your eyes. The more colorful–Usually, the more appetizing. We must consider what the most appetizing veggies are before fearlessly laying them out along with complimentary meats such as when crisp greens balance out the spice in pepperoni. You may want to think twice about adding onions and how much of it–just a generous tip.

It all comes down to the suspenseful first bite. After crafting your edible artworks and allowing them to bake in their Italian Pizza Ovens, it can only please or displease.

American Pizza
This is the first question that many places ask when you place a pizza order IF you live anywhere other than Chicago or New York. In those two places, it’s sacrilege even to ask. Any good native of Chicago will tell you that there is nothing better than a good deep-dish pie loaded up with toppings. The crust should be crispy on the bottom but just a little gooey toward the top, blending with the sauce and cheese to create that melt-in-your-mouth flavor that only a good deep-dish pie can give you. New Yorkers, on the other hand, will swear with their last breaths that thick-crust pizza is just flat-out the wrong way to do it. Thin and crispy, they chant, with just a bit of burn to the crust. Make it crispy enough to hold all of the toppings, but if the sauce was made using grandma’s recipe and the cheese is the best you can get, then who needs toppings?

Square or Round?
This one is tough because even those mighty Italians in New York have their thick-crusted Sicilian pizzas but rarely will you find it loaded up with toppings. The purpose of a Sicilian pizza is to satisfy bread-lovers. However, a square pizza anywhere else is just a cheap imitation according to them. In Chicago, you can get a square pie, but it’s usually just a square version of the same deep-dish that you get in the round.

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